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5 Must-Have tools for First Time Homeowners

So you just spent all of your money on your first house and now you have to maintain it. Here's a list of the tools you'll need right from the jump to keep the place up and running.

1. Hammer

Yes, this is an obvious one, but still reigns supreme. Whether it's to hang a picture or knock a nail-pop back in (or maybe even to "re-position" something a little larger) this is an essential. Don't spend a ton, but get at least a 16oz. one.

2. Screwdriver

Another obvious one, but one you need to have at home. I recommend something with some versatility and ratcheting screwdrivers make things a lot easier.

3. Toilet Plunger

Something that not everyone thinks of, but if you forget it, you'll regret it. There's no janitor coming to clean things up for most of us so having one (or more if your kids are like mine) of these in the house is essential. Try one that isn't an eyesore, doesn't cost much and gets the job done.

4. Cordless Drill

Do you really need one of these? Yes, you do. Even if it's just for hanging things like curtain rods or TV mounts, you'll need to a drill to set anchors, pre-drill holes and drive screws. One major recommendation that I'll make for purchasing cordless tools is that you pick a battery set and stick with it because the batteries are the expensive part. Personally, I've hitched my ride to the Milwaukee M18 tool family (get the drill and your first battery, here). Milwaukee tools can get pricey in a hurry, so some other popular options are the DeWalt 20V or the Ryobi 18V. I'd steer clear of the 12V stuff unless you're really on a tight budget, they just don't pack enough punch in my experience. Check out my other post about picking the right cordless tool family for you.

DadBodz tip: If you have a Home Depot Credit Card you get at least 6 months free financing for any purchases over $300. Something worth looking into if you're a new homeowner that's going to be purchasing tools and materials frequently.

5. Level

Unless you want to pay someone to hang up every item in your home, I highly recommend purchasing a level. The size is really up to you, I think something like a 6-inch or 9-inch level can be sufficient if you're only looking at one for hanging photos or TVs, but if you want to become a true DIYer with us you might want something bigger.

These 5 things will get you started (and keep your home afloat) when you first move in. Check out our other content to see what other tools, tricks and tips we recommend.

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